Industrial seals and insulation worked to drawing

Ruml Těsnění s.r.o. was established in May 2011 and after construction adjustments of the premises and installing the first machine it started it's production in July 2011. The company now has approximately 750 m2 of space for flexible production in Sudoměřice nad Moravou, located in South-Moravian region of Czech Republic.

CNC plotter cutting

Industrial seals worked to drawing. We use a modern, high-speed and accurate CNC plotter. Thanks to the projectors above the cutting surface, it is possible to accurately determine the cut in the material. We cut almost any shape from soft materials up to a thickness of 19 mm.

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Press cutting

Production of seals in large series on hydraulic presses.  We use two hydraulic presses with a working pressure of 12 tons. The thickness of the cut for seals or isolation may be up to 50 mm.

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Die cut insulations

Production of die cuts of industrial heat and noise insulation. For cutting harder insulating materials of Hannotect type, we use a specially designed saw that can cut the material in a perpendicular cut to a thickness of up to 220 mm and in an angled cut to a thickness of up to 160 mm.

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For production we mainly use Klinger sealing materials.