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The company Ruml Tesnění was founded in May 2011. After modifications to the production and warehouse premises and the installation of the first machine, the company started production in July 2011.

The company now has approximately 1,000 m2 of production space and the necessary background for flexible production at the Bonega company premises in Sudoměřice nad Moravou. In addition to the production of seals from various materials, the company is engaged in the sale of a wide range of seals, industrial insulation and connecting material.

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About RUML Group

The establishment of the first family company RUML in 1992 started the gradual process of building a wider portfolio of companies focused on supplies for industry in Czechia and Slovakia. The distribution of the portfolio and the synergy of individual companies enable us to be an economically stable and trustworthy business partner for our customers.

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