RUML Těsnění s.r.o.

Our history began to be written in May 2011.

RUML Těsnění s.r.o.

The company RUML Těsnění s.r.o. was founded in May 2011. After modifying the production and warehouse premises and installing the first machine, the company started production in July 2011.

The company now has approximately 1,000 m2 of production space and the necessary background for flexible production at the Bonega company premises in Sudoměřice nad Moravou. In addition to the production of seals from various materials, the company is engaged in the sale of a wide range of seals, industrial insulation and connecting material.

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About RUML Group

The establishment of the first family company RUML in 1992 started the gradual process of building a wider portfolio of companies focused on supplies for industry in Czechia and Slovakia. The distribution of the portfolio and the synergy of individual companies enable us to be an economically stable and trustworthy business partner for our customers.

13 mil €Turnover 2022


Follow the footsteps of the history of the company RUML Těsnění s.r.o., which we continue to create in cooperation with our customers.


The company RUML Těsnění s.r.o. was found by David and Filip Ruml with a great support from their father Vladimír Ruml in 2011 as a small production company in Sudoměřice in Moravia. The beginnings were really rough. The new plotter had to be covered with a tarpaulin during heavy rains, because there was no time to repair the roof, but all difficulties were overcome and production started.


The flowing year, a complete reconstruction of the building, production and storage areas took place. Acquisition of new die-cutting presses and considerable investment in die-cutting tools and stock material. The recruitment of new employees followed hand in hand. The central figures were “the head of the backoffice” Mrs Marie Holubíková and “the head of production” Zdeněk Gajdorus.


Václav Novák joined the company as managing director and co-owner. From that moment on, the manufacturing company also became a trading company and began to grow very quickly and healthily. Two experienced sales representatives, Jakub Vočka and Radek Urban, have joined our family company, who help develop this growth with their active approach.


To ensure the reliabilty of the encreasing volume of orders, we decided to invest and purchased a second plotter for production. It was a bold decision, but it paid off. Here we would like to thank INTERNATIONAL CZ, spol. s.r.o., who delivered and installed the plotter and trained our workers to perfection.


The most demanding year of major innovations so far. Transition to barcodes and managed warehouse. Further reconstruction of production premises and warehouse. The acquisition of a new CNC die-cutting machine for production also means the hiring of several new employees both in production and in the warehouse. The aim is to improve our flexibility, speed and quality of deliveries.

Company Management

Václav Novák
Managing and executive director

Václav Novák joined RUML s.r.o. in 2012 as a sales representative. He participated to a large extent in the dynamic development of RUML Group. Thanks to this, he received an offer from David and Filip to join the company RUML Těsnění s.r.o. and became its managing director in 2017. Within the RUML Group, Václav is responsible for the operation and management of the information system.

David Ruml

David joined Ruml s.r.o. in 1998 with the aim of mainly selling fiber rubber and PTFE sealing plates. Thus, education in a new field began. A significant support and source of knowledge at that time was the intensive contact with the ČVUT professor, doc. Ing. Jiří Lukavský.

Filip Ruml, MBA

Together with his brother David, Filip is the majority owner of all RUML companies. He is primarily responsible for the strategy, finance and business development of all RUML companies. Currently, he is mostly devoted to the development of the companies RUML and RUML Service. Before joining RUML in 2008, he worked as a project manager at Komerční banka in the marketing department.

Our companies

RUML s.r.o.

Representation of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial fittings, seals and steam condensate systems in Czechia.
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RUML Emes s.r.o.

Representation of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial fittings, seals and steam condensate systems in Slovakia.
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RUML Service s.r.o.

Implementation, operation and maintenance of technological equipment and units.
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RUML Industry s.r.o.

Metal production, complex sheet metal processing with CNC technologies.
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RUML Těsnění s.r.o.

Manufacturer and supplier of sealing, insulating and connecting materials for waterworks and industrial applications.
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