About Us

Ruml Těsnění s.r.o. was established in May 2011 and after construction adjustments of the premises and installing the first machine it started it’s production in July 2011. The company now has approximately 1000 m2 of space for flexible production in Sudoměřice nad Moravou, located in South-Moravian region of Czech Republic. In addition to producing seals from various materials, the company is engaged in the sale of a wide range of seals and industrial insulation.






“We established the company to build a professional, stable manufacturer and supplier of sealing, insulating and fastening materials for industrial applications, focusing in particular on the water supply industry. We place emphasis on quality, speed and reliability of deliveries. We always try to meet the wishes and needs of our customers. Most of the goods we offer are on stock, so we respond quickly to the needs of our customers.”


Václav Novák
Managing Director / Co-owner