Customized production

We are able to quickly respond to customer needs in the field of gaskets and industrial insulation. We are capable to transfer drawing documentation (dxf, dwg, pdf) directly to the plotter cuting machine.

Thanks to long-term partnerships with selected suppliers, we are able to work reliably and efficiently even on larger projects and supplies of insulation. We cooperate very closely with the company RUML Industry, which deals with CNC processing, sheet metal bending and the production of steel weldments.

Cutting with a CNC plotter

Manufacture of customized industrial gaskets according to an individual drawing

We use a modern, high-speed and precise CNC plotters. Thanks to the beamers above the cutting surface, it is possible to precisely determine the cut-out in the material. We can cut almost any shape from soft materials up to 19 mm thickness.

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Die-cutting on a press

Production of sealants in large series on hydraulic presses.

Die-cutting is carried out with the help of two hydraulic presses with a working pressure of 12 tons. The thickness of the die-cut seal or insulation can be up to 50 mm.

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Cutting insulation on a saw

Production of finished cut-outs of industrial thermal and noise insulation.

For cutting harder insulation materials such as Hannotect, we use a specially designed saw that can cut materials in a vertical cut up to a thickness of 220 mm and in an skived cut up to a thickness of 160 mm.

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