Montero Belpa® CSA28

Compressed sheets for gaskets made of mineral fibres and organic fibres mixed in a matrix of NBR rubber. The product BELPA® CSA-28 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

This material has good resistance to oils and low gas permeability, that makes this asbestos-free product suitable for most common uses at medium temperature and pressure in common uses (air, water, oil, solvents, etc). Material specially designed for water, air, gas and oils and general moderate applications.

It is also available with anti-stick coating. REF. BELPA® CSA-28 G.

Typical properties for 2 mm thickness

Thickness Increase ASTM F-146

p-T Operating Guidelines

  1. Usually satisfactory to use without reference to Montero. Technical examination is normally unnecessary.
  2. Must refer to Montero for advice. A technical examination is recommended.
  3. Area not recommended.

The P-T diagram helps the user or designer who often knows the operating temperature and pressure to carry out an initial selection of a suitable material. The P-T diagram cannot guarantee the suitability of a material for an application.

Good performance and long service life of gaskets depend in large measure on fitting and operation conditions, over which the manufacturer has no control. The data given on this technical sheet should not be used as application limits, but as guidance for an appropriate choice. We can offer guarantees only for the quality of our products.